Unlike many people on the internet who are trying to “make money” I am here to help. If there is something on my website you would like me to clarify please contact me. I will get back to you immediately with an email and we can start our dialog. If you have specific problem you are having a hard time dealing with I may also be able to help with that. If you would like some personal coaching and have a true desire to change your “life.” please contact me. I have not charged any money for coaching, as long as I have time my services are free of charge. I wish only to help others, that is truly my desire.


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    2 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Dan says:

      After discovering your teaching a few nights ago I had my first attempt at meditation. I had a moment at the end where I felt a presence. and my skin tingled. It only lasted a few moments. I then fell asleep. I was awakened by two owls, one far off, and one answering right outside my window. That went on for 10 or so minutes. The last night I meditated ,but it felt unfruitfull, and my joints began to ache. After falling asleep I had a lucid dream where I was in complete control, and unafraid. When I awoke I had no pain at all. I have a lot of osteo so that never happens. Not sure what it all means but thank you for your insights!

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