Hi, my name is Chris W Metz (well you’ve probably guessed as much.) I’ll get right to the point. This site is about helping others.

Here’s what I desire:

  • I wish for you to be happy.
  • I wish you to be fulfilled in life.
  • I wish for you to have a high level of self-awareness, (the first step for improving yourself.)
  • I wish for you to consciously create whatever you desire in life.
  • I wish for you to be surrounded by loving and nurturing people.
  • I wish for you to be happy and fulfilled in all your relationships.
  • I wish for you to be at peace.
  • I wish for you to thank everyone in your life for the awesome experience you are having.
  • I wish for you to be grateful for everything you have and live from that sense of gratitude.
  • I wish for you to understand the nature of the ego and the destruction it causes in life.
  • I wish for you to understand how judgment is the source of all: strained or failed relationships, hatred, anger, and a great deal of unhappiness.
  • I wish for you to find your passion in life.
  • I wish for you to feel so confident about yourself and the power you possess, that you have the courage to pursue your passion.
  • I wish for you to give as you receive.
  • I wish for you to feel such an overwhelming sense of love surrounding you and inside yourself, that you become an inspiration to those around you.
  • I wish for you to become aware of your soul.

How can we have the greatest impact on making the world a better place?………..By changing ourself.

So what am I selling? Nothing really, Oh maybe at some point I will offer something unique, but I could never try to sell happiness or peace to someone. My motive above all is to help others. This is the true reward of my efforts. This is what brings me a great deal of joy. If just one person lives a happier, more fulfilling, loving life as a result of this website then I will consider my efforts worthwhile.

If I can help you achieve all or some of the things above…WOW! What a amazing feeling to help someone become more actualized, more aware, more conscious, more loving, more compassionate, more joyful, more peaceful, more gracious, more in love with themselves and the world around them!! Helping you to know these things would bring me great joy. I could not with any personal integrity try to sell the things above, they are everyone’s birthright.

So….now that we’ve got that out of the way, I truly hope you will take an interest in what I have to teach. We must remember through life, we can never learn anything unless we are willing to open our mind and absorb different ideas. It is our current ideas about life and our current beliefs that have created our life to this moment. Now, if you already experience all of the above, then you have no need of reading anymore, go pollinate the world. However if this is not your current state then the only way we can achieve the list above is to change your current thoughts and ideas about life. Not everyone desires, is willing, or ready to learn. I have unfortunately experienced this in the most intimate of relationships. Understand however its all good, there is no judgment on my part, everyone is in a state of becoming. Everyone will eventually reach the same destination. Everyone moves at a pace that is right for them. Whatever a person chooses for themselves in this life, they are still progressing, they are still learning.

So why read, listen to or watch anything I have to say? What benefit can you glean? First if you find yourself in a state of bliss, happy and secure in knowing you are consciously creating your life, then you really have no need to read anything, let alone my writings. If however, you get upset over things you have no control of, or feel your life is not perfect, then I encourage you to read on. I may or may not be able to help you, but I know with certainty if you have an open mind and are willing to earnestly search for truth, you stand a much greater chance of finding what you seek. If your convictions on life are fixed and you refuse to allow alternative ideas and ways of thinking into your life, then I can confidently assure you, your experience of life will probably not change.

I have a gift of explaining things in a way that helps others to understand. Since developing the metaphor/analogy of the “abyss“, I have been using metaphors and analogies to help others better understand themselves and life. I have taken my life experience, my awakening and information I’ve acquired along the way to synthesize better ways to create understanding. I have a gift of creativity and I believe I can help others by presenting things in such a way to help them understand.

Learn more about me.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Gaston Corbala says:

    Hello and good evening.
    I have opened my eyes to what is and to what is to come if we don’t change.
    Its really sad and horrifying that we as a human race keep programming ourselves to hate and create a wall of ego which we don’t need to survive, it is not created by our materialistic 5 senses in the material world.
    We embed the ego and hate and we have the key to turn this around with love.
    People don’t understand that one day we will disappear, we will not exist because of this wall of ego and hate.
    We repeat ourselves, we clone hate.
    I see everything clear, I would like to talk with someone, to vent everything, its a lot to take in.
    Here are some thoughts I had soon after being “awakened” which is what I call it.
    I opened my eyes…
    If we don’t change, everything just repeats itself.

    The second time we’re reborn, we come back from the dead that we orchestrated for ourselves.
    I guess there is a coming back from the dead thing and when you come back, ITS ALL LOVE !!! That’s my purpose in life to spread Love.
    This is the key to a better future and a better tomorrow for our children.
    Be affectionate to one another, cry with each other, hug each other, tell each other how much you love them.
    When I say each other, I mean anyone, show them you love them.

    I LOVE YOU. Gaston Corbala

    We need to cleanse the world with love, love is our last hope for future generations.
    We need to teach our children to cry, to love and to be affectionate.
    We need to pass along these teachings and leave a block-chain of love to our children, this is my purpose in life; to change something bigger than all of us.
    Some will not understand because they have not reached a higher level of consciousness but we can help them get there, with love.
    The world needs to change and we have the power to do it by separating ourselves from being human to really feeling our spirit and energy, we need to let go of our Ego.
    Ego lives and feeds off the material world, sometimes we forget that we are spiritual/energy driven beings and we let ourselves be consumed by the material world.
    We need to learn to feed our spirit and understand ourselves, the best way to feed your spirit is with love, the same love that gave you life.
    When you understand that you were born from love, you will forgive the world and be reborn.
    I understand now.

    1. Metroman says:

      Gaston, thank you for your comments. You sound as if you have had a sudden awakening! You speak a truth that underlies the experience and that is love. Once the ego has been subdued, released, discovered, etc.. it removes the block to our natural state of oneness with all things and love is what holds that oneness together. I love your comment: “If we don’t change, everything just repeats itself.” This comment seems like such a simple thing and yet the truth of this comment can be the catalyst for a life altering change. I am adding this to the list of future blog post because change is essential to growth and ultimately to finding truth.

      I am sending you an email with my contact information if you wish to have a conversation or wish to correspond. Thank you and blessings.

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