Character Quote 2 Integrity To Yourself Chris W Metz
“At the end of the day and ultimately at the end of my life, what do I myself have but the integrity of the promises I make to myself.” ~ Chris W Metz

I am currently the CEO of Novation Industries I am also the owner and Chief Creative Officer of Genuine Touch, Inc. a goodwill enhancement company. These descriptions however are just things and titles. Who I am and what I have been about in this lifetime revolves around: being a seeker (though not anymore); expressing my creativity; deciding early in life to maintain deep meaningful relationships; promoting health and wellness; promoting love, compassion, gratitude and peace; helping others and teaching. All of my life experiences led me to an awakening experience on December 24, 2007. It was this event that changed my idea and experience of life. The eight months that followed could only be described as a state of absolute bliss. My experience had the following effects on me:

  • A complete and total loss of fear, including the fear of death.
  • A sense of profound peace.
  • Elimination of self talk, i.e. a subdued ego, no more chattering monkey.
  • The ability to suspend judgment, (the source of all pain.)
  • An awareness of all past synchronicities along with a higher cognizance of current synchronicities.
  • A loss of interest in acquiring material goods and possessions.
  • A loss of any interest in trying to “impress” anyone, (though I don’t believe I was ever too interested in that during this lifetime.)
  • A loss of competitiveness.
  • A loss of “the need to be right.”
  • A spiritual knowing. “Everything is at it should be.”
  • I know that every experience I have had in life has been for my benefit. Furthermore, I know that I myself agreed to this life and all the possible paths within it.
  • An awareness of my soul.

Many people spend a lifetime trying to achieve this state. Mine came to me as a gift of grace, a gift I have wanted to share since the moment it occurred. While the state of bliss lasted for eight months, I have slipped back and forth in it’s intensity since then. I could probably count on two hands (ok, well maybe include my toes) the amount of times I have been truly angry or upset since that day in 2007. Even when those emotions have arisen they have been brief lasting no more than a minute or two. I have been able to quickly re-center myself with a very simple technique. The experience of anger (i.e. judgment) however has humbled me and taught me much about the nature of the ego and what it does to us life. It has also taught me what techniques or things I must remember to keep myself at peace. With this insight I have been able to help people see another perspective in life. I am able to help them change their state of mind, one that helps to calm the mind and find peace. This is what I wish to share on this blog, along with other things I have learned on my journey, which may be helpful to others. Click on the following links if you wish to know more about me.

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