Understanding The Soul – Part 2 of 6

Understanding The Soul – The purpose of the soul

Have you ever wondered where you came from?

Have you ever wondered why you are here?

Have you ever wondered what you are?

Like all things in life, an awareness of something is the first step to understanding it.

Throughout recorded history man has searched for the origins of his existence. What is the purpose of man’s existence, what is the purpose of the soul? Contained within the remains of the oldest civilizations there seems to be some evidence we once knew the answer to this questions. Civilization is much older than what we are taught in school. With the recent discovery of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey dating to 9000 BC (i.e. 11,000 years ago,) we must question the historical view of civilization and what knowledge has been lost through time. There is ample evidence of worldwide flooding and destruction towards the end of the last ice age and therefor the destruction of many historical records of earlier civilizations.

Throughout history man has also received inspiration and insight into different levels of awareness outside of normal consciousness. These insights or glimpses into different realms of reality resulted from near death experiences, sudden awakenings and perhaps meditative states. These recorded experiences became the basis of many religions. All religions and ancient teachings have spoken of humans possessing a soul. Some religions even suggest that your soul needs to be saved and that their religion can facilitate the process. For a variety of reasons, many people have grown cynical of traditional religion. At the heart of all religions and spiritual teachings however is a thread of commonality as each has its story of a beginning. Each acknowledges a creator through which all creation originated, including ourselves.

Love Quote 34 Chris W Metz purpose of the soul
“In the physical world, the closest we will ever come to experiencing timelessness, is when we are fully immersed in a loving state of mind.” ~ Chris W Metz

It is inconceivable to think of any form of consciousness being alone throughout eternity. So it is not difficult to believe a creator would desire to have companions like itself. In describing this creator we would need to understand that it possesses ultimate power, creativity, intelligence and knowledge. To go beyond mere intellectual existence however, this creator evolved into love itself. Love cannot be intellectualized, love can only be experienced as a compassionate feeling of pure warmth, joy, radiance and peace. One of the greatest attributes of love is a desire to share, protect and make others joyful and yet at the heart of this love is a quiet restful peace that surpasses understanding. How can a single entity share love, unless there are others to share it with? How could anyone exist in a timeless state of eternity without evolving into a state of love and peace? Anything other than love and peace would be a hell-like existence.

In the creators desire to share in creation itself, it brought forth companions. These companions were points of consciousness, each one existing within the creator itself. In order for these points of consciousness to become true co-creators and companions they had to voluntarily want and desire this for themselves. The only way for this to occur was through the free will choice of each consciousness. Had they not been given free will, they would have been created as mere “servants” or “slaves” to the creator.

Each of these points of consciousness were created in the likeness of the creator with the same powers of mind for imagining, perceiving, conceiving and expression. There was however a great danger for the misuse of this free will power and the chaos that might ensue if this power was used in a non-loving, non-harmonious way. Similar to any healthy relationship two people must desire to be together for the mutual sharing of love and creation. If the relationship is corrupted with selfishness, jealousy or judgment then it could be said there is incompatibility in being co-creators of their life together and chaos does indeed result. The spiritual dimension like any society cannot exist in peace and harmony when there is only a focus on self.

The importance of understanding unity

Think of any society or family that is close and unified and you will see they share common attributes. Love, compassion, gratitude, sharing and a sense of peace is what keeps them unified. As someone becomes selfish, disruptive, judgmental, vengeful, angry, hateful or jealous they fracture or separate themselves from the unity that held things together. These attributes of the selfish ego are divisive by nature. Could you maintain that sense of closeness and unity if one or more people started to behave in ways opposite to love, compassion, gratitude and peace? Can you see how unity requires certain conditions in order to exist? Can you see as one starts to think of themselves it creates a form of isolation? This isolation becomes an absolute requirement in order to maintain the unity of the remaining members. Can you see this? Can you see how wanting to get our way, judging others or wanting to use our free will for our own selfish desire creates a sense of conflict?  When we wish to exist in a loving peaceful state we must give up some of our free will in order to be in that state of unity? In a cohesive family or group there is no one person who “gets their way,” instead it is a mutual agreement by all those involved.  Everyone gives up a little free will and personal preference in order to maintain that loving, peaceful unity. (Please see post “Unity Or Isolation?”  and “Isolation or Unity?” for a further description.) 

This is an extremely important point to grasp.

Please keep this idea of unity in mind as you read. It will help you comprehend the concepts beyond this. 

Cause And Effect Quote 2 Give What You Wish To Receive Chris W Metz
“A life of little is proceeded by giving little, a meager life results from giving meagerly. What we give out in life comes back to us multiplied. give to the world your shyness and it will be shy to you. Give the world your uncertainty and the world will make you doubt. Give your anger, and hostility will reflect from every face. Level judgment upon others and others in turn shall judge you. Give to the world your love and that love multiplied will rain into your life. Share your compassion and you will in turn be shown compassion. Show the world your gratitude and the world will continue giving more. Share your peace with others and a silent beauty will always surround you. Always give what you wish to receive. Always be conscious of what you are giving.” ~ Chris W Metz

The creator had to ensure these companions would know the difference between loving and non-loving actions, between unity and selfishness. Prior to unleashing these myriad points of consciousness the law of cause and effect was created. Whatever one did with their free will consciousness would have to be experienced by themselves. This has come to be known as “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” or “an eye for an eye” or in more modern terms, “what goes around comes around.” As each entity used their free will in harmful, self-centered or negative ways they would need to experience the harmful effects of their own actions. Likewise acts of love, sacrifice, kindness, unity and benevolence would also be experienced. One’s use of free would either bring unity or would create separation, sending one into isolation. The law of cause and effect was not set up as a punishment but as the perfect learning tool meant to guide all consciousness to truth, love and unity.

It is important to note that in the beginning we were only points of consciousness as no physical form existed. We existed solely in the mind of the creator. As the creator conceived thoughts and ideas we were mostly observers to the creators imagination, perceptions and ideas. As we began to use our new found abilities we mostly mimicked the creator, we were almost identical to the creator. We were able to communicate directly with the creator and all other points of consciousness. In a literal sense there was a great oneness, as all consciousness was harmonious.  As we progressed we started to formulate our own imagination, conceptions ideas and desires and started creating on our own. This co-creation began harmoniously similar to notes of a chord, each added to the harmony of creation.

We could think of creation as the expression of love. This love requires unity and cooperation. One need only walk through nature to observe this love expressed in the beautiful variation of life on earth. All of nature exist in harmony with it’s environment. With our gift of free will came a great responsibility for using it to create harmoniously with all.

As we continued to use our creator powers, we started to focus more on our own creations. Fascinated with our own creations we lost sight of their harmony with the Creator and the other points of consciousness. As we focused more on our individuality and our own selfish desires we eventually began to perceive ourselves as separate from the whole. This of course was an illusion as everything existed together in the mind of the creator, however with free will some had created an idea of separateness and thus had to experience it. By the act of focusing on one’s self without regard for others, these souls drifted farther and farther into the illusion of separateness. Ultimately, as the law of cause and effect dictates, what one thinks, intends and does must be experienced.

Each entity of consciousness was comprised of spirit, which is the still motionless essence of life. They also had a mind to use for imagining, conceiving, perceiving and building the motion of life out of spirit. As each entity used these powers they started to accumulate a history of what they had created and experienced with their free will. This is the soul, the complete sum of each individuals use of free will and life experience. In this way each soul became a separate and unique collection of memories, experiences, aspirations, perceptions and ideas. Each soul however is always connected to every other soul and the creator. The religious correlation to this concept is referred to as “the father, the son and the holy ghost,” or the “trinity.”

Eventually creation progressed from purely spiritual essence into thought forms and from thought forms into atomic or physical form. In modern physics superstring theory proposes some 10 or more dimensions with third dimensional life being just one of them. As Jesus stated, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” Mansions translates to mean “places to dwell.”  As these points of consciousness traveled through the cosmos some found it irresistible to mingle with the physical influences of planets similar to earth.

Applying the lesson:

Things to think about:

  • If you were a creator of all that is, do you suppose you would desire companions?
  • If you desired to create companions, would you give these companions the same powers and abilities as yourself?
  • If you didn’t give them the same powers and abilities as yourself, would they be true companions?
  • How would you prevent them from fighting or trying to destroy one another?
  • How would you teach them about personal responsibility?
  • What would you put in place to ensure they would eventually learn to be just like yourself and desire to be your companion and co-creator?

In the next installment of “Understanding the soul part 3 of 6” we will discuss:

  • Creator Laws (possible Karmic consequences to creating)
  • The division of consciousness into three parts

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Thank you for reading.   : )

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