Seeking The Source Of Truth Inside Yourself

There is a great deal of wisdom and truth inside each of us.

So, where do we go to find truth? Why are we so ignorant sometimes? Perhaps this is because we tend to only seek information to prove we are right or to make a point. This allows us to feel justified in our feelings, judgments and behaviors. We rarely if ever seek out information to highlight our ignorance or to prove we are wrong.

Why would we ever want to validate our ignorance?
Because ⇐
This is how we gain a higher level of awareness in life.

Truth and ignorance abounds in the world. Whether we seek truth or stumble around in ignorance is a matter of personal preference and free will.

But wait, doesn’t everyone want to know truth?

Not necessarily…….suppose that knowing truth exposed the not so good parts of yourself (namely ignorance.) Who wants to find out they might be wrong or they don’t know something? The ego is a powerful force in human consciousness and never likes being wrong, nor does it willingly seek knowledge to highlight its ignorance. We also don’t like being told by someone else we are wrong. Hearing truth is sometimes a painful experience when it highlights the error of our ways. For this reason the ego is not eager to search for it.

What if we could rely on a source of knowledge beyond another person?

What if we could call upon a source of truth above all other people, wouldn’t that make it easier for the ego to accept truth or authority? Well, that other source is your higher spiritual self. It has direct access to the collective consciousness and the creators consciousness. It has direct access to truth. But how do we access this wisdom without getting stuck in the ego? After all, the ego will always try to convince us it already knows everything we need to know.

Our experience of truth is tainted by the ego.

What we know is based on our own experience. That experience is tainted because it is seen through the eyes of the ego. Everything the ego does is ultimately for itself. Yet, we have all had the experience of helping another person. We helped even though we didn’t have the time or the money and we didn’t expect to be compensated in any way. This was surely not the ego guiding us. It was our higher spiritual self connected with everyone and everything on another plane of existence. This guidance or prompting comes to us through the channel of our higher self. So there is something inside us motivated to help others even though we did not benefit at the time.

We have access to this truth and it occasionally reveals itself.

Most times we are just ignorant to its presence. In fact, it is there all the time trying to make itself known, we just don’t listen. With the ego at the helm of our free will we are apt to think only of ourselves. Isn’t this selfishness (ego) the thing that creates the biggest problems in our life? Isn’t this what creates all the drama in our life? So how do we begin to recognize the other voice of our higher self?

Speak up would ya!!

Our spiritual voice is not heard most times because it is soft, peaceful and non-demanding. Think of it as the soft whisper of truth and reason trying to guide us in all our affairs. A loving, compassionate voice which seeks to guide us in the most harmonious use of our free will. It knows the pain and consequences our actions have upon ourselves and others. Unfortunately, set against the voice of the ego which is loud, impatient, selfish and demanding, it doesn’t stand a chance of having its guidance come through.

How can we tune in to this other voice?

There are several ways to hear the voice of your higher spiritual self:

  1. The first is an active conscious intention of wanting to hear this voice of truth. This must be your first step, without this simple step, the ego wins. In this way we are using our free will and desire in attracting a result to us. Anything that we truly desire in life will come to pass. With this technique we must be willing to slow down in any situation and ask this voice for guidance. This can be very difficult when one is caught up in the moment with the ego. Taking time to respond to any situation will help this practice.  The more time you allow from stimulus to response will give this voice more time to be heard.
  2. The other way to hear the voice is by subduing the ego. The first step in this process is learning about the ego and understanding it. It is important not to vilify it or condemn it but to understand it, love it and have compassion for it. In this process we are objectifying it and seeing it for what it is. As we do this we are able to surgically separate ourselves from our ego. Once this is done the ego can be seen objectively and recognized as the chattering monkey it is. To further subdue the ego requires a great deal of mindfulness and practice. Eventually you will be able to confine it to a box and an occasional muffled ranting will be all you will hear.
  3. The last technique is through meditation. Sitting quietly while trying to silence the mind allows a connection to the source of your soul. This can take a great deal of practice and many years of discipline. At some point the silence is replaced by a knowingness. This inner knowing eventually becomes the predominant part of our consciousness. It becomes the foundation for our existence. There will come a realization we are connected to everyone and everything. On the highest level of our existence we are all that is, we are part of truth itself. In this way what we do to others, we do to ourselves. This knowingness is the bedrock of life, it is the ultimate knowledge to uncover in a physical lifetime. It is what has been referred to throughout time as revelation, awakening or enlightenment. It is a state of being that can not be adequately conveyed by words, but rather, only through experience. Yes I know this sounds way out there, so let’s get back to understanding the different voices.

How do we know which voice is speaking truth?

This is easier than you think. Your higher spiritual self will always be calm peaceful and non demanding. Perhaps this is why we don’t pay much attention to it. Following its guidance will always lead you to be more loving, compassionate, grateful and peaceful. It will make you feel good, but you must not allow the ego to judge its guidance. If you do, you will experience great pain in your decision.  This pain is the cry of the ego’s judgment.

You are already very familiar with the voice of the ego. It is constantly chattering its judgment and criticism about everything. It is the voice running inside your head almost every second of your waking life. It is the voice that won’t shut up when your trying to sleep.  It is the voice that tells you to do stupid things. It is the voice that lies to you. It will leave you feeling angry, hateful, disconnected, tense, anxious, fearful, jealous, lonely, insecure and worried. One would think with all the negative attributes associated with the ego we would be quick to subdue it. The problem is we don’t think of it as the ego, we just think its who we are… Learn to know the difference and you will start on a journey that has a very happy destination.


Applying the idea:

  • Try doing something for someone even something small like getting someone a cup of coffee. It has to be something that is not expected, (i.e. not taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, etc…) Whatever it is you must do it without any expectation. It must be a true act of unselfish kindness.
    • How do you feel afterwards? Do you feel good or bad?
  • Listen carefully the next time you see someone who needs help.
    • Do you hear your higher self quietly guiding you to help? If you take time out of your life to unselfishly help them, notice how you feel afterwards.
    • How long does that feeling last?
  • The next time you are aware that someone needs help but you do not take the time to help, ask yourself why. This reason comes from the ego, no matter what it is.
    • How did the ego justify its decision?
      • Not enough time?
      • Not enough money? etc..
    • The ego will always judge and then justify its judgment.
    • Your higher self will act selflessly from the heart.

When we are unaware of the two different voices, which one do you suppose we listen to? Which one speaks truth?

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  : )

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