Conscious Creation

How do we create anything in our life?
What is the true beginning of any final result?

Conscious Creation is a continuous process. It is the steady stream of thoughts and actions we have day after day. We are always creating, even in this moment we are creating. Whatever thoughts and actions we pursue in life is an act of creation. It is important to understand however that any action is first proceeded by thought. Seems simple enough, right? So how is it our lives are not always exactly what we want?

How did we get here?

Whenever we find ourselves under distress for having to deal with a bad situation, we need to reflect. When we find ourselves in a bad situation we usually spend our time feeling sorry for ourselves or blaming others.  Maybe what we should be doing is thinking about the thoughts that led to the result. Everything we have experienced in life started with the thoughts that led us to that point. We don’t often think of how our daily thoughts end up producing results that occur, a month, a year or 20 years later. It is our continuous system of thought which produces results in our life. We rarely if ever think of the initial thought we had or the hundreds of thousands of subsequent thoughts that followed.

Conscious creation starts with some very basic thoughts or ideas.

These are usually referred to as a fundamental construct:

  • Beliefs
  • Fears
  • Ideas or ideal
  • Desires

Let’s take each one and examine them to illustrate the point.


We all have our own beliefs and they form the basis for how we live our life. These beliefs are either given to us by others or formulated on our own. Our parents or caregivers have the biggest influence on our beliefs. This is why we often believe in the same things as our parents. These beliefs form the fundamental basis of reality for our life. So if both our parents were hard working successful professionals, we will form beliefs based on this. For instance, they may convince us going to a certain college is necessary. We may end up believing we must work very hard and sacrifice certain personal desires. We may believe that success in life means having lots of money or prestige. We may believe having influence or power over others is a measure of success.

What if our Father was a blue collar factory worker and our Mother stayed home to raise us? What beliefs might we form about life from this experience in childhood? We may believe having a large family and being a good Father is a measure of success. We may believe life is more about enjoying it instead of working ourselves to death.

It is also possible we take on opposite beliefs based on our experience of childhood. A child coming from hardworking parents may pursue more quality of life, instead of money. A person may be driven to success because their parents were poor. The point is from these beliefs hundreds of thousands of thoughts follow, leading us to create our life in a certain way.


Often our parents will have certain fears they instill in us. These fears can have dramatic effects on our thoughts through life. Maybe our parents were prejudice against a certain race, or against the wealthy or people in powerful positions. Maybe our Mother had a certain vanity about her looks and was fearful she wasn’t “pretty enough.” These fears lead to a whole chain of thoughts that reinforce that fear. We may spend a great deal of our life in thoughts trying protect ourselves from these fears.

Ideas or ideal:

We may decide on some basic ideals in life like helping others or saving the planet. We may become a vegetarian or an animal rights activist. These ideals can lead to a chain of thoughts which create a certain life.

Desires or goals:

The last fundamental area to creation is overwhelming desires. If we look around us and our life as it is, we will see the effect of this. Whatever we “knew” without a doubt we would have, we more than likely have it. In these cases our thoughts were very consistent towards getting those things.

Creation is continuous

I speak often of conscious creation because it happens with every thought. Each thought layered onto the next thought is what leads to a result. In a job, the first time you have a thought about quitting, you are starting a process. You start looking for reasons validating those thoughts. You start comparing yourself to other people who get treated differently. You start judging your boss. You start to observe every situation with a bias for how it supports your initial thought. The day you quit or get fired is the end result of thousands of thoughts that led to that result.

Creation takes consistency

We don’t graduate college unless we are consistently driven to attend class, study and do homework. If we start to entertain thoughts of “why am I doing this,” or “this is not worth it,” then the end result may be dropping out of school. We don’t understand why consistency in our thoughts is so important. If we desire an end result, we must be consistent in our thoughts to get us there. We cannot entertain too many thoughts contradicting our desire or we will eventually sabotage our desire. Seems simple enough right? Unfortunately we forget this fact when we are not consistent with our thoughts. We just let them come and go without thinking about whether they are consistent towards our goals.

Conscious creation is an ongoing process. It starts with deciding and defining what we want and having consistency in our thoughts to get us there.

Applying the idea:

  • Look at your life and the things you are happy and proud of.
    • Can you see how you intended for these things to happen without any contradiction?
    • Can you see you were unwavering in your thoughts which led to these things?
  • Think of the things you want in your life but don’t have.
    • Have you truly decided you want these things?
      • I.e you want to lose weight but you don’t want to exercise or make a meal plan and stick to it.
    • Have you been consistent in your thoughts and actions towards achieving them?
      • Do you go back and forth in really wanting them. Are you consistent with your desire?
      • Do you have negative thoughts about why you can’t have them?
      • Did you inadvertently decide on a different result?
  • Try to be more aware of negative thoughts you are having.
    • What are those negative thoughts contradicting in your life. I.e. you want a good relationship with a friend but you judge them or think poorly of them.
    • What are the fearful thoughts contradicting in your life.  I.e. you want to be in a relationship but you are afraid you will be alone, or you are afraid to go out and meet new people.
    • You want a better job but you are afraid of looking for a new job.
    • You want to lose weight but your afraid you won’t be able to eat the things that taste good.
    • Realize that you either decided on a different result or you were inconsistent in the thoughts of that desire.
    • If you are having a hard time with negative self talk you may want to read the post on “Seeking The source of Truth inside yourself.”

Everything we want in our life takes consistent conscious creation.

Please share anytime if you found this post to be meaningful.  I would love to hear your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  : )

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