Are you having happy thoughts ?

How can we start to think happy thoughts ?

First, let’s figure out what happy thoughts are. What if you found out your private thoughts and conversations are not private at all; you might be terrified. Suppose your every thought and every conversation through the day was posted on your social media account? Terrifying? Yes, for most people this would be more terrifying then death itself. As a matter of fact many would choose suicide over the consequence of exposing our true thoughts. Yet this example will help to highlight the nature of our thoughts. The truth is many people are thinking thoughts which do not lead to happiness. The truth of this is available for anyone willing to seek it and ponder this social media scenario. No, of course your thoughts will not be broadcast through the internet, but your thoughts and actions are recorded in your own personal soul record.

Happy thoughts lead to more happiness

If we wish to grow spiritually and continue to evolve our soul, we must learn to control our thoughts. Thoughts are the precursor to our experience of life and bad thoughts lead to bad life experiences. Our habitual thoughts lead to every experience and situation in life. What this example illustrates for us, in the here and now, is we know happy thoughts vs bad thoughts, we know what thoughts are destructive, we know love -vs- hate and we know compassion -vs- cruelty. The more your ego has control, the more fearful you are of exposing your hidden thoughts and actions.

We are never afraid to share happy thoughts with others

The more we think and do from our higher spiritual self, the more we are willing to share those happy thoughts and actions with the world. One brings us closer to light and unity, (see post “Unity Or Isolation“) the other propels us into darkness, isolation and separateness (see post “Isolation Or Unity.”) Every time we are acting from the ego we are isolating ourselves to our own selfish desires and thoughts. In addition, we become fearful of those thoughts and feelings being shared or exposed to others. The thoughts originating from the ego are private and rarely are we willing to share these thoughts; nor are we proud of them. Due to this ego dominance we must fight to protect our inner thoughts, and as a result we end up fighting with others. Every time we love, have compassion, are grateful, or are at peace, this voice of truth is moving through us. These thoughts we willingly share with everyone and wouldn’t be afraid of posting them on our social media.

Applying the idea:

  • Imagine every thought, conversation and action through the day was automatically uploaded to your social website. At the end of the day, week, month, year ask yourself:
    • How many friends do you have left?
    • How much of your family is willing to speak with you?
    • Do your neighbors still like you?
    • Do you still have your job?
    • Are you still with your significant other?
    • Do you even like yourself? (Yes I know this is almost a comical exercise, but in reality if it were real…)
  • If you have happy thoughts you are not afraid to share, what do they have in common?
    • Do you feel closer to people or more distant as a result of these thoughts?
  • Every time you have thoughts which originate from the selfishness of the ego do you feel closer to people or more distant?
  • Given the general theme of all your thoughts and actions of your life so far, would you be eager or reluctant to upload all these into the spiritual realm of your soul where there are no private thoughts.

The mere act of being exposed to the truth of our own thoughts has the effect of raising our consciousness, unless of course we prefer to live in ignorance. I guess that’s where the old saying “Ignorance is bliss” comes from. What we must remember however is this bliss will not last once truth has shined a light upon it.

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3 thoughts on “Are you having happy thoughts ?

  1. Saulo Paiva says:

    Dear Chris,

    Sometimes I still struggle to not let bad thoughts surface. They come to me as a reaction to things not being as I would ideally like to be, even though I know they are exactly what they are supposed to be.

    Any practical suggestions?

    1. Metroman says:

      Saulo, it sounds like you already recognize the source of these bad thoughts. I would like to say I do not ever have bad thoughts, but sometimes they sneak up on me and I am alerted to them when I start to feel tension or unease in my body. I can always quiet them down once I recognize that I am feeling uneasy. This is how I quiet them and how I went for years without having much in the way of any thoughts.

      Every time you feel uneasy, upset, angry, jealous, guilty, etc.. know it is because you have judged something. It is our judgement that spurs any unpleasant thought. My mantra has been “Everything is as it should be.” Even if the situation is not to our liking or preference, I know on some level it is meant as a learning experience for all those involved. And what are we to learn? Love, compassion, gratitude and peace. We also learn the worst thing we can do is hate. Hatred has a debilitating effect on our entire life and sucks the joy out of everything. It is truly a “hell” like state that torments us. Unfortunately many people will only learn this lesson after a debilitating illness or in reflecting back on the life just lived once our body dies. Unfortunately we also take that “hate” with us into our future lives, until we can eventually let it go.

      When we hold on to strong opinions about how things “should be” or “must be,” we set ourselves up for these bad thoughts. I know this is extremely difficult to practice but the truth is our ego has a very rigid set of conditions that must be met in order to ensure our happiness. The problem is these “conditions” only get met for brief moments of time or never really get met at all. This insures we will always be looking for things outside ourselves to complete our happiness. Happiness can only come from within. The more “rules” or “conditions” we place on our world, the more we are going to be upset when those “rules” and “conditions” are not met. Accept every thing as it is and you will never be upset with anything. It is the ego that creates the thoughts for our unhappiness and it is the ego which must be subdued in order to find happiness. I hope this helps. Thank you again for the dialog and the comments.

      Blessings, Chris

      1. Saulo Paiva says:

        Thanks Chris. Helpful indeed, as always.


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